• Network Infrastructure
    Providing innovative solutions with our cutting-edge network capabilities that empower your business to achieve its goals. 
  • Procurement
    Fulfilling the assets you need by leveraging the strength of partnerships to provide the most effective results.
  • Infrastructure Security
    From senior architects to network engineers and everything in between, our team members come from backgrounds as diverse as they are specialized.
  • TurnKey Solutions
    Delivering end-to-end solutions, from analysis to implementation, that allow you to hit the ground running and focus on what matters most: your business.
  • Managed Data Center
    Helping you gain the competitive advantage you need through our global reach and the expertise to monitor and manage it effectively.
  • Cloud Solutions
    Multi-Cloud – We provide on-net Connectivity to Azure, AWS, Google and Packet. Universal employs a cloud agnostic approach to building a hybrid multi-cloud solution. With a focus on security, networking, and connectivity. Administration and Management of Multi Cloud Accounts